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What is an 80% Lower Receiver? (2020)

The AR-15 remains one of the most popular weapons that shooters like to build. This allows builders to piece together an AR-15 with individual parts, essentially from scratch. Doing so starts with obtaining the firearm component itself. The stripped lower receiver (the empty housing containing the trigger, magazine, safety, and related components) is the only […]

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80% Lower Receivers Compared (2019)

The AR-15 market is utterly flooded with lower receivers: Billet and forged 80% lowers, ultralight polymer receivers, and unique or one-off lowers (like the AR9 or units from DPMS) that cater to specific rounds like 9mm and .308. There are quite a few available on the market, and trying to compare them all – especially if […]

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The 1911: 80% Frames vs. Retail Frames

You might’ve come here from our guide on How to Build a 1911 with an 80% Frame. Or, maybe you’re just here out of curiosity. Either way, this guide compares the 1911’s retail frames to their 80% counterparts. We cover the full-size Government, Commander, and Officer models, DISCLAIMER: We’re not lawyers, and nothing in this […]

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Types of AR-15 Upper Receivers Compared

With so many pre-built uppers out there (and the obvious demand for all kinds of lower receivers) many AR-15 owners and builders don’t give much thought to the type of stripped upper receiver they want for their rifle or pistol. After all, its only purpose is to mount the barrel and house the bolt carrier […]

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